Our Services

Planning, Design & Implementation Services

By bringing Engineering excellence to telecommunications projects nationwide, QUADNet Communications Ltd is helping to connect people around the Nigeria and Africa.

At QUADNet we have very high competency in the planning, design, and building of networks for a variety of clients, and collaborate to create the dependable, cost-effective systems and facilities needed to monitor and maintain constant network operation.

Our services include site surveys, site identification, site acquisition as well as the acquisition of permits from all Government agencies throughout the federation.

Engineering Services

By bringing Engineering service excellence to telecommunications projects nationwide, QUADNet Communications Ltd is helping to connect people around Nigeria and Africa.
Our team of Professionals provide world class services to government entities, private companies, Operators, Carriers, and Service Provider.
At QUADNET we have very high competency in:

  • Wireline Solution
  • Wireless Solution

Wire Line Solutions
QUADNET is able to provide turnkey solutions to the wireline/fixed networks in the telecommunication field. We are able to provide quality services and prompt turnkey solutions for selected services. We have an excellent team of Professionals/consultants to execute projects from the very beginning: Site Survey, Planning, designing, installation and commissioning of telecommunication Systems/electronics including switches and transmission systems.

Our turnkey solutions to the wire line/fixed networks include:
  • Radio Planning, Radio design, site survey, site Engineering of mobile and wire line/fixed networks;
  • Installation/testing/Commissioning of various telecommunications equipment(BTS, BSC etc) and Network management of Telecom Networks
  • Network drive testing and optimization
Wireless Solutions
QUADNET provides Network design, implementation, installation, and Operation and maintenance services for CELLULAR/PCS (CDMA, GSM, TDMA and CDPD) based on wireless systems based on end-to-end reliability.

Our turnkey solutions include:
  • Radio Network Design, Site planning, site survey and engineering,
  • Network drive testing and Optimization,
  • Installation/Testing/Commissioning of electronics,
  • Planning, design, and implementation of distributive antenna systems (DAS).

Project Management Services

A striking proportion of project difficulties stem from people in both customer and supplier organizations failing to implement known best practice. This can be ascribed to the general absence of collective professionalism in the Telecoms industry, as well as inadequacies in the education and training of customer and supplier staff at all levels. Moreover, there is a broad reluctance to accept that complex telecommunications projects have many similarities with major engineering projects and would benefit from greater application of well established engineering and project management procedures.

QUADNET with her team of qualified Project Management Professionals provide Project management services for Telecoms companies. The services stem from Project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and detailed risk management. We manage large and complex Telecoms projects using PMI methodology and continually strive to maitain a high rate of delivering on schedule, within budget and stipulated quality.

We also offer Quality Assurance and Project Audit services.

Consultancy and Training

QUADNET has Consultants available for domestic and International telecommunications assignments. These Consultants will easily adapt to your requirements and objectives to deliver every assignment/project on schedule and within budget.

    Our Consultants have expertise and proven track records in the following areas:
  • RF Planning and Design
  • RF Optimization
  • Commissioning, testing and Integration of GSM/CDMA networks (MSC/BSC/BTS)
  • Network traffic Engineering and Capacity Planning
  • Frequency Planning, interference studies
Expert training on different Telecoms technologies and ICT Project management.

Support Services

QUADNET provides expert maintenance and repair services for all type of radio and satellite antenna systems. Whether its annual exceptions, scheduled upgrades to emergency mechanical repairs, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Our veteran Engineers and technicians are experienced in upgrading, and troubleshooting a wide range of VSAT and Microwave systems. Our customers are assured the highest standard in equipment servicing & maintenance and the confidence that it would be done right, the first time.